23-24 Season Poorly Drawn

23-24 Season Poorly Drawn

So it’s the morning after the day that could have been.

There’s a lot of people that have written things way more eloquently than I could ever do (this is why I’m known for doodling and not writing).

At the end of yesterday’s match while I felt some disappointment (how could you not?) my overwhelming feeling was pride. We did what we could do and it just didn’t happen. It very much feels like a “when” and not “if” with this team.

A couple of quick things before we dive in, this week you voted on if you like the 24-25 home kit, here’s how the voting went.

There’s a sale running in the shop today. 20% off everything in the shop with the code ENDOFSEASON

And finally, I want to thank everyone for all the support this season. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the Arsenal community in the way that I am. It’s crazy to me that there is a large group of people that are interested in my little doodles about my favorite club. It’s incredibly humbling. Thank you, thank you thank you.

I’m going to be taking the month off after this. I’m getting married in June, I should probably be concentrating on, you know, that.

And with that, here’s the 23-24 season poorly drawn.

The 23-24 season
Arsenal win the Community Sheild
Declan Rice vs Palace
Zoomed in
Arsenal 2 - Fulham 2
Arsenal 3 - Manchester United 1
Arsenal win 4-0 in their return to the champions league
Kai Havertz scores his first goal for Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - Manchester City 0
Chelsea 2 - Arsenal 2
Eddie Nketiah scores a hat-trick as Arsenal win 5-0.
Arsenal 3 - Burnley 1
Saka celebrates scoring against Canon 35mm Lens
A detailed historically accurate drawing of Bruno Guimaraes’ elbow on Jorginho
Arteta escapes punishment for his rant
Declan Rice scores against Luton
Saliba celebrates Rice scoring against Luton
Aston Villa 1 - Arsenal 0
Liverpool 1 - Arsenal 1
VAR headquarters
Nottingham Forest 1 - Arsenal 2
Arsenal 3 - Liverpool 1
West Ham 0 - Arsenal 6 (six)
Burnley 0 - Arsenal 5 (five)
Kai Havertz scores again
Arsenal Porto penalty kicks
The aftermath
Ben White signs a new contract
Manchester City 0 - Arsenal 0
Kai Havertz scores again. Brighton 0 - Arsenal 3
Arsenal 2 - Bayern Munich 2
Arsenal tame Wolves
Arsenal 5 - Chelsea 0
Trossard scores
Anne Hathaway reacts to Trossard scoring
William Saliba and Gabriel celebrate winning at Old Trafford
And finally an image from this weekend
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Poorly Drawn Arsenal
I have questionable artistic skills and a love of Arsenal. Here is where I combine the two.

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