A Review of the 24-25 Home Kit

A Review of the 24-25 Home Kit

As I do every year at this time, I take the time to painstakingly review the newly announced home kit. It goes through a rigorous review process filled with scientific categories and a well thought out numeric ranking system.

I sat down this morning, drew the kit, and then spent at least five minutes giving it a ranking in each of the categories. This review process does not have a patent but please don’t steal it, I worked very hard on this.

What do you think of the home kit?

Also, and finally, I am fairly positive Adidas is trying to kill me with this new goalkeeper kit. Look at all the patterns.

The section in which I pull a couple of the messages from last week that made me giggle or smile:

Olive is at doggy day care right now so I can’t grab a photo of her so here’s a photo of her I have from my film camera
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