Waka waka

A wee bit late on this one
Waka waka


Sorry for being a bit late on this one again. Lots of travel and life things happening this week. As a result, there’s also no podcast this week since I was actually at a wedding instead of watching the game this weekend. That makes it a bit hard to podcast or even a bit awkward.

“Does anyone have any objections as to why these two should not marry?”

“Yes! Havertz!”

So, this is a bit of a light newsletter and next week may be as well since I’ll be in New York for an event on Saturday, more details below, and watching the game at O'Hanlon's on Sunday. Subscribe now

I have a very set routine when watching matches at home. It usually involves writing some notes down on my computer, Olive lying next to me, and my iPad within reach so I can start drawing something as soon as I have my “ah-ha, that’s it!” moment. That’s a bit hard to recreate in public. I guess it could be considered as anti-social. So, as a result, when I’m traveling, things are a little lighter and a bit later here.

I don’t have a ton to say about a match that I didn’t really watch, but I will just highlight one moment. The Kai Havertz goal. Obviously, it’s very nice to see him score and have an incredibly catchy song.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one sitting on a train, having a completely normal time, and then just blurting out “WAKA WAKA.” But, the moment that really captured me, was the team's decision to hand the ball to Havertz on the penalty, so he could have the chance to score his first goal.

Equally as capturing was the team celebration afterward. Kai Havertz's head must have been slapped at least twenty times by happy teammates. I still find this a weird way to celebrate as a side note, but whatever. It was nice to see the entire team be happy for Kai, including Odegaard pushing him towards the fans so he could have his moment in the limelight.

It’s moments like this that truly make me love this team. We can be fun to watch. We can be really good at putting the ball in the net. But the moments that stick most with me are when we give someone a chance to score when he needs it, when Odegaard pushes a teammate toward the fans so they can have their moment, and when Ramsdale cheers on a teammate who has replaced him. The support that the team has for each other. It makes them feel human for a bit.

Anywho, information on how to vote for me for an award, details on my trips, and a new cat are all below,


I’ve been nominated for an award lol:

I’ve been nominated for an award. I feel weird about awards. Not when my friends win awards, I think that’s really cool and thoroughly deserved, but for whatever reason, when I am nominated, I struggle with that.

All that being said, I’ve been nominated for Best Artist in the Football Content Awards. Now look, the idea of someone named Poorly Drawn Arsenal winning an award for Best Artist is just so incredibly funny. So I’m going to push through my discomfort and politely say that if you are interested in voting for me you can do so here or down below on the bigger button link thing. Vote here

I’m going on tour:

Last chance for tickets for the event at The Ground on October 7th! We will start with a screening of the movie "Invincible" followed by a panel discussion with Dave Seager, Mike Feinberg, Alexis Guerrreros, and me! After the panel discussion, there will be a book signing. Plus, there will be drinks. Lots of drinks. It should be a fun time. It’s a limited-size event so get your tickets for that now. Get NYC tickets!

A second event will take place in London. The last time I was in London I saw William Gallas score with, let’s call it his nether region, so it’s been a bit. This event will take place at The Armoury right after the Sheffield United match on the 28th of October. We will be signing books, etc. That event doesn’t have tickets, just show up!

Olive and Velma update:

So, uh, we have another cat. We are fostering/may be keeping it/I don’t really know what’s going on, but I know that there are now two cats in the house.

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