This was certainly the easiest Arsenal kit to draw

Plus some tiny doggo pics at the end
This was certainly the easiest Arsenal kit to draw

Yesterday, in Arsenal’s FA Cup match against Oxford, Arsenal wore an all-white kit. This was part of their No More Red campaign, which is a very good cause and one that you can read more about here. From an artist's perspective, this is the easiest time I’ve had drawing an Arsenal kit. It’s like I get to skip the step of coloring.

As far as the match goes, well, I missed all three goals. I foolishly thought I could run to the store and back at half-time (Spoiler alert: I could not do that.) Anyway, it was nice to get a win and now I have to run to the store for every FA Cup match we face for the rest of this season. This is how sports work.

There were also reports this week that Arsenal played a match in the middle of the week against Newcastle. I would argue that was not a match, but in fact, it was a school Valentine’s Day party. You know the day that you are too nervous to give a Valentine’s Day card to your crush so you end up getting cards for the entire class so it’s not suspicious. But, to let your crush know how you feel, you write your name in red ink on their card and black ink on everyone else’s card, desperately hoping that they would notice and confess their feelings for you as well.

I’m not saying that’s what we witnessed on Tuesday, but I’m also not NOT saying that it’s what we witnessed on Tuesday.

Anywho, this week’s drawing and video are below. Plus, the usual Olive update at the end.


Drawings from this week:

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