Ten finals left

Plus Emirates Stadium Celebration in a Can
Ten finals left


Just ten more matches. That’s it. If you still have ten fingers, you can count the number of matches left on two hands. I don’t know when the “run-in” officially starts, but for me, it very much feels like it starts after this international break.

During this international break, I hope we take this opportunity to buy an obscene amount of bubble wrap and wrap our players between now and when they report back. We have enough injuries, we don’t need anymore. Hire someone to carry Gabriel Jesus around on their back for two weeks. Don’t let him use his knee. Replace Bukayo Saka’s house with a cryotherapy chamber and throw away the key so he doesn’t play with the England squad. Start a GoFundMe, but for body parts so Arsenal fans can contribute knees, backs, and whatever else Arsenal players might need for the end of the season.

Anywho, hope you are all enjoying Antonio Conte reaching the mental breakdown stage of “The Stages of Spurs Management.”

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