Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe sh*t

Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe sh*t


I think this past week can be summed up by Gennaro Gattuso. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe sh*t. As a side note, the thing that absolutely tickles me about this clip is that he's yelling. Just perfect.

Anyway, PSV was definitely a match to wipe from the memory. At least for us fans, Arsenal should probably do the thing that therapists say where you learn from your mistakes, grow as a person, and all that. Seemingly, that's what happened on Sunday when Arsenal scored five goals against Nottingham Forest. Gabriel Jesus politely decided to not score against them, saving all his goals from the last few matches to score them instead all at once against Chelsea this weekend. I expect nothing less than 16 goals from him in that match.

Below are this week's drawings, including one from the monthly round-up I do with Arseblog over on the Arseblog Patreon.


Drawings from this week:

Podcast from this week:

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