Some quick notes before Arsenal Manchester City

Plus some drawings and pet photos
Some quick notes before Arsenal Manchester City

Hi all,

First things first, I hope that you are able to keep yourself distracted before the somewhat important match later today. If you wish to join the match chat in the discord here’s a link to join that.

Second, a few weeks ago in our poll, you voted for a video on Ben White’s PR agency. That video is done, but I’ve been waiting for a win to release it. That hasn’t happened in a few weeks, but as a teaser, here’s the audio voiced by Andrew of Arseblog.

Thirdly, Mikel Arteta jokingly mentioned he'll 'kill' Arsenal players with nerves before today’s match. Here’s a drawing of what I assume his prematch speech will be.

And finally, here’s a picture of Olive and Velma watching me cook.

Here’s hoping for the best later!


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