Sean Dyche is our kryptonite

Plus pet photos at the end
Sean Dyche is our kryptonite


Arsenal lost this weekend to a man who feels like their Lex Luthor in a Kryptonite suit. While this was only his second win against Arsenal, and he’s lost eleven of the sixteen that he has played against us, he does have a record of 2 W 3 D 1 L in his last six against us. Factor in the infamous new manager bounce and it never really felt like we had a chance.

While losing is not fun, the weekend ended well with Spurs helping us out beating second place Manchester City. And then things were made even more interesting with news breaking that Manchester City was charged by the Premier League with numerous breaches of financial rules.

I don’t particularly have high hopes for the sentencing. I imagine it will go something like: “After reviewing the charges we have come to the conclusion that Arsenal swarmed the referee in the match against Newcastle so we will call this one even”

Anyway, this week’s drawings are below,


Drawings from this week:

Olive + Velma update:

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