Saka might be good

plus the normal pet photos
Saka might be good

A fun start to the match and perhaps not as a fun ending, but a win is a win. Also, every time I think that Saka is reaching his ceiling he gets better. 7/10 would watch again. Subscribe now


Some quick housekeeping for the newsletter. The schedule of this newsletter is going to change a bit for the holiday period. Instead of a weekly round up of all things Arsenal it will be a short newsletter after each match with a drawing from the match that just happened. The idea of sitting down and typing out a round up during a very busy Arsenal period is proving daunting to me.

Second, if you happen to be in Philadelphia this weekend, there’s an Arsenal Philadelphia charity event I will be at. Drinks, panel discussion, book signings, watching Arsenal, all of it. Tickets here.


This week on the Poorly Animated Arsenal Podcast we discuss the match against Wolves, Apple Watches, if the team doctor could get sent off, plus my cat gets fed live on the show, all that and more!

Pet Photos

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