Remember when we beat Chelsea?

Feels like it was just yesterday.
Remember when we beat Chelsea?


What a weekend of sports. Arsenal won, Chelsea lost, Manchester United lost, and this random guy in Philadelphia ate a rotisserie chicken for the 40th day in a row when 500 people cheered him on while on an abandoned pier behind a Walmart. All equally important events.

Arsenal started off the week against Zurich, where honestly the only thing I will remember from that match is Kieran Tierney’s shirt being ripped in two. We finished the week against Chelsea in a match that I felt oddly calm about. Usually, I expect nothing from games where we go to Stamford Bridge, but there’s just something about this Arsenal team. They are oozing confidence in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time.

On a more technical side of things, this newsletter switched from being hosted on Revue to being hosted on Substack. Revue is being shutdown by Twitter by the end of the year, so here we are. You should notice no differences outside of slight cosmetic changes. If you want to look back at past issues for whatever reason they are all here now and I guess if you want to read this on the Substack app you could now do that.

Anywho, this week’s drawings, podcast, and pet photos are below,


Drawings from this week:

Podcast from this week:

Kitty update:

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