Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #7

Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #7

Beating Spurs is always a wonderful feeling, but there's something so incredibly satisfying about beating a Spurs team that is managed by Jose Mourinho. The redundancy of the pandemic has made every day into a crappy quasi-remake of the movie Groundhogs Day and today feels like the day that Bill Murray was finally able to get out of his own purgatory and enjoy February 3rd. A new day if you will.

A day where you look outside of the house that you have spent about 90% of your time at in the last year and the tree that you have seen daily outside just looks better because in your brain that tree is an Arsenal fan and it too is celebrating the win. A day where you just want to run outside and call for all the woodland creatures to you and recreate that scene from Snow White.

Rereading that last paragraph, I might need people to get that vaccine sooner rather than later so this pandemic can end for my own sanity.

Anyway, this week's drawings are below.


Drawings from this week:

Things I liked to read:

The forgotten ‘The Office’ soccer scene with Idris Elba: A tactical analysis (free to read from the Athletic)

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