Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #3

Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #3

This past Saturday marked five years of Poorly Drawn Arsenal.

What started out as a daily activity to help with mental health has blown up beyond my wildest imagination. I've struggled with anxiety in the past and I started this to give myself a daily routine to follow each day. It helped a lot and has grown into something rather ridiculous that I both struggle to comprehend and cherish at the same time.

Anyway, this is all to say thank you. Thank you for following, supporting, words of encouragement, and even those times that you say "this isn't even poorly drawn." I'm happy to report that after five years I have seemingly gotten a bit better. I truly try to respond to every reply or message I get, but I admittedly miss some. So this is me publicly acknowledging those messages and saying that I truly appreciate each one.

Anywho, this week's drawings are below.


Drawings from this week:

Things I liked to read:

Barcelona and the Crippling Cost of Success

The Full Story of How Tasmania Berlin Became the Worst Team In Bundesliga History

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