Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #2

Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #2

I’m going to start putting these out on Mondays, I think that makes sense as a little round-up of the week of Arsenal.

Anyway, not a great game from Arsenal this weekend. I generally try to stay positive and not speak ill of players (they are all incredibly more talented than I ever was or will be) but I genuinely don’t understand Willian. I don’t think he was at fault for the loss. He just didn’t add anything to the attack when we needed a goal. What an odd transfer he’s been.

For the record, I’d like to see him do well because I kind of, sort of, care about Arsenal and he’s actually fun to draw.

Below are this week’s drawings including a brand new, never before seen (except for my one friend I texted it to with no context whatsoever)

Drawings from this week:

Things I liked to read:

Arsenal transfer Twitter: Being a viral gerbil and how AFC Bell rang true on Partey

Speaking Up for the Armchair Fan

Things I liked to watch:

Broadchurch. I'm just watching a lot of Broadchurch.

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