Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #12

Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #12

So much has happened in the last 24 hours in the world of Arsenal, that I had completely forgotten that Arsenal and Fulham played yesterday. That news was completely overshadowed by the announcement of the Super League.

For those who don't know, 12 of Europe's tops teams announced a Champions League replacement which, unlike the Champions League that you must qualify for, the Super League where the founding 15 teams will compete every year with a further five qualifying annually.

For a club that prides itself on values like class, tradition, I am deeply disappointed that Arsenal is involved in this tournament. The very structure of the Super League is elitist, where the rich clubs will continue to get richer. I acknowledge that the existing tournaments of FIFA and UEFA are not perfect. They are far from the gold standard nor should we look at them as what the end product should look like. Their competitions are money grabs as well, structured to support the bigger clubs, but there is at least the possibility of chance. The chance that one of the big clubs won't qualify and a Leicester City run will happen. The chance that on their day Danish champions FC Copenhagen will beat Chelsea. Those matches mean the world to those smaller clubs financially. And when you set up a shop where you close the gates to the clubs that weren't prestigious enough to be invited, you've created a worse competition.

I'm for a restructuring of European competition if it's to create a more equal tournament for all involved. The Super League isn't the answer to that.

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