Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #10

Poorly Curated Arsenal Emails - Issue #10

Arsenal played. Arsenal lost.

I don't really want to exert too much energy into thinking about that performance. It was bad. My energy is pretty much entirely set on the Europa League at this point and judging from that performance I would guess that would be the same with Arsenal.

I'm coming off of week off of my day job. Normally I would bemoan the fact that a week off of work coincided with a week off of Arsenal, but it was really nice to completely disconnect from work and Arsenal. I spent the break watching a potentially absurd amount of Survivor, laughing at myself for how bad I am at Rocket League, and allowing myself one normal pre-pandemic activity by going to the zoo. Finished it off yesterday with building a raised garden bed and googling "how is dirt sold?" I'll attach a photo at the end of this with the finished product and my co-builder.

Anyway, this week's drawings are below.


Drawings from this week:

Things I liked to read:

"To Rocky" - By Ian Wright

Yaya Sanogo opens up on Arsenal, injuries, regaining his confidence and Huddersfield Town hopes

Co-garden bed builder:

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