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In January, I made this silly little post thinking nothing would come from it, but a lot of people were excited about this theoretical tour.

And then, about a month later Arsenal, announced that they were coming to Philadelphia. I was really excited about Arsenal coming to the city I was born and raised in, and then I immediately remembered my now ill-timed post.

I genuinely looked into renting a tour bus, but it turns out it’s hard to get insurance for a tour bus with a bunch of Arsenal fans going around Philadelphia looking at the most unhinged moments of the city’s history.

So, with a slight change of plans and with the help of Arsenal Philadelphia, we are putting on a show! The night before Arsenal take on Liverpool, I’ve gathered a few of my friends and we are going to entertain you (hopefully) with a tour (slideshow) with some Philadelphia history followed by some Arsenal talk.

Join me, Arseblog, Gunnerblog, and more at World Cafe Live on July 30th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are going fast (like stupidly fast). I fully expect this to sell out by the end of the day, so grab them now!

Finally, on the day of the match, there will be a tailgate. If that is of interest to you, there's a link below to grab tickets for that.

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Poorly Drawn Arsenal
I have questionable artistic skills and a love of Arsenal. Here is where I combine the two.

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