Manchester City Preview: Animation, pets, and more

hold me

Hi all,

It’s been a bit (roughly 19 days), so I figured I would send the Poorly Drawn Arsenal version of a match preview of this tiny little match on Sunday against Manchester City.

Personally, I have been trying to do my best to push the very idea that this match exists out of my head. Which, when looking over my YouTube history for the last few days, consists of tiny house tours, video essays on urban planning, and trailers for TV shows that I am having decision paralysis over which one to start watching.

Inbetween those moments, I did take time to animate Andrew and James from the Arsecast Extra discussing what to do if you cannot watch the match on Sunday. While you are at it, subscribe to the Arseblog channel. I’ve been averaging roughly a new animation every other week this season.

The rest of the “match preview” consists of the poll beneath, where I just want to check the vibe of this community. Are you nervous about Sunday? Are you calm? If you are calm, do you have a pulse?

And beyond that, for those who are nervous, there are a lot of pictures of my pets below to help calm the nerves.

How are you feeling about the City match?

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Pet Updates:

Olive taking a nap

This dog just looked out the door like this for five minutes

Olive and Velma napping together

I swear this cat is happy despite her face looking like shes been told terrible news all the time

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