Yahooo, winners of the “First-Minute Goal Three Times Trophy”! You know we only get to hold it for 1 minute though, before it puffs away into a cloud of smoke like our hopes, our dreams and our points!

Only kidding, I’m happy with 5 outta 7. Who knows, dropping points might just be the focusser we need. After all, last season we scored enough last minute winners after gelling from losses.

Love the Enforcer picture :)

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Velma and Olive remain the cutest. I’m trying to have patience with Arteta’s experiments. I’m just hoping he doesn’t stubbornly hold on to something that’s not working. I also would like to see more from Havertz. I do NOT think he’s deserving of the massive vitriol and abuse he’s getting online (no player should be attacked this way, much less by supposed fans of their own team), but I hope he starts to finish/assist more; his confidence needs a boost.

Some early season problems in the back and in offense. Lots of errant passes and poor finishes. Still, I feel hopeful about the season. Dropping 2 points in this Fulham match isn’t ideal, but it’s a long season. Let’s hope it’s all an upward trajectory from here.

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🎶Weeee are the champions of conceding, my frieeennnnd…🎶 No. We should be out there foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal, not rolling on our bellies looking for rubs. I expect them to win against Erik Von Den Ten Haaag and that sneaky whiny Bruno Fernandeshhhhhh. The pet pics have calmed me down, phew! Adorable those two. Here’s to three points for us on Sunday! Erik none for you Hag! Ha!

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