Oh, win!

Plus, Saka and Martinelli are pretty good, huh?
Oh, win!


And welcome to the now official start of the 2023-24 season. For those new to the newsletter, of which there are around 1,000 (!) new subscribers since the last season ended, this newsletter just wraps up the week that was for Arsenal with drawings, gifs, videos, and anything really. Plus, there are pet photos and a chance for your pet to be drawn. More info on that is below. Subscribe now

Anywho, this week kicked off with some transfer news, Matt Turner left to go to Nottingham Forest, and Arsenal are, I believe, more or less in a waiting period for the announcement of David Raya. It’s rumored that the deal is a 3m loan with an option to buy of 27m. I don’t know what kind of meal Edu cooked for Brentford, but he must have cooked up something good because that’s what you call a good deal.

That deal looks even better when you take a step back and look at the Moisés Caicedo business that Liverpool and Chelsea have themselves wrapped up in. At one point he was going to Liverpool, so much so that Klopp announced the transfer, then the next thing you know he was going to Chelsea. I gotta say, I’m happy to be watching this from afar and that we have more or less finished our transfer business before the season started. I’m sure Edu feels the same way.

Arsenal officially kicked off the 2023-24 season at home against Nottingham Forest with Matt Turner immediately coming back to face his old club. Makes you wonder, did he just stay in London? Was it worth traveling up to Nottingham just to travel back? Subscribe now

We had a solid start to this one, once it actually kicked off after a bit of a whoopsie from the new ticketing system. Arteta came out with an interesting lineup, I’m sure a new thinking of breaking down a team that just sits back and waits as Nottingham Forest did. Really this match came down to the performance of Martinelli and Saka.

When Saka and Martinelli are just out there having fun, we are in for a good time.

Martinelli had one of the more impressive assists I’ve seen. A backheel pirouette that found Eddie in some space. Eddie had to do some work with a good finish, but splitting two defenders with a backheel pirouette is just insane.

Saka I thought also played well over all capped with a ridiculous finish from outside the box. He’s really started to master that kind of finish and I’m loving it. I’ve got a good feeling about him this season. Well, about him and Martinelli both.

The second half wasn’t as enjoyable as the first. Forest pulled one back with about 10 minutes left and there we were all thinking “Oh god, what is it about the 2-0 scoreline”

Ultimately, nothing Forest didn’t really threaten and we didn’t finish our chances and it ended up with a final score of 2-1 and another win for Arsenal. Not the dog. There’s only one Win the dog.

Also, a quick shout-out to @ShomariLW on Twitter (x?) for sending me this tweet (post?)

This kind of stuff warms my cold heart.

Anywho, this week’s pet drawings, and photos of my pets are below,


Community pet drawing:

At the end of each week, on the discord, I ask for pictures of your pets and I select one to draw.

I Illustrated a Book:

This a reminder that I’ve illustrated a book! It is about the invincibles and was written by Dave Seager who was written five Arsenal books. There are 39 drawings in the book; if you pre-order now, you get a free calendar, which is a fun little treat.

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