Mathematically can only go up from here

Mathematically can only go up from here

Well, that happened. I guess the only bright side here is that mathematically we can’t go lower than 20th in the premier league (ignoring relegation) and it can only go up from here. So I guess that’s good?

International break is upon us and I imagine we all could use a break from the men’s team. The women’s team has a few games this week, I recommend watching if you can. They are a lot more fun to watch right now. Anyway, with the international break upon us, I decided that next week will be the artist equivalent of a mailbag issue. Reply with your suggestions of what to draw, I’ll pick a few and put them in the next issue.

Drawings from the last week are below and I also included a picture of my cat because times are rough.


Drawings from this week:

Doggo update:

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