Martin Odegaard. So hot right now.

Plus a poll at the end
Martin Odegaard. So hot right now.


This past week started out with a record-breaking sellout of Emirates Stadium for the Arsenal Women’s team. While the team wasn’t able to advance beyond the Champions League semi-final, the team can be proud of what they accomplished for a team with fewer collective knees than a spider.

The match also produced a very humorous moment in the 75th minute when Jen Beattie scored the equalizer and immediately ran through Alexandra Popp.

Unfortunately, and in theme with the Arsenal men’s team in April, the women’s team gave up a late goal. Subscribe now

Speaking of the men’s team, the Chelsea match. I just want to say, it’s very enjoyable seeing Chelsea being this bad. Made even more satisfying that they are managed by Frank Lampard, a Chelsea legend, who has won one match in his last twenty as manager. Arsenal made easy work of them scoring three goals by the 34th minute and leaving Frank Lampard in bewilderment about why he can’t win a match of sportsball.

Speaking of satisfying wins, Arsenal finished the week by heading up north to Newcastle. Arsenal had some scares early when Jacob Murphy hit the post in the 2nd minute. This was followed by a penalty call on Kiwior, but after what seemed like VAR checking 72 different angles and the alignment of the stars, they finally came to the conclusion that it DID hit his leg and there was no way they could award Newcastle a penalty.

Arsenal corrected course and Martin Odegaard scored his fifth goal in five matches.

Afterward, the energy shifted more towards Arsenal and Newcastle responded in a way that you would expect a wrestler in the WWE to respond to losing. Elbows. Just lots of elbows flying around.

I assume that Chris Kavanagh, the referee, forgot his cards until he was discretely slipped them in the 71st minute during Arsenal’s celebrations for their second goal. Two minutes after which, he issued his first yellow card of the match.

Granit Xhaka, who one could easily argue was a target of Newcastle’s strategy, summed it up with his reaction towards the Newcastle fans after Arsenal’s second goal.

Finally, a poll. Just checking the vibe here. Would you like to get these emails every time there’s a new drawing (usually the day after a match) or in the current format of every Monday as a weekly round-up?

Community pet drawing:

This a new section for the rest of this season. At the end of each week, I’m going to create a post in the subscriber chat thing asking for pictures of your pets and I’ll select one to draw.

Olive and Velma update:

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