Arsenal - Manchester United: Poorly Drawn

Arsenal - Manchester United: Poorly Drawn

Arsenal's win yesterday marked their 27th league win of the season, which sets a new club record for the most wins in a Premier League season. I wouldn't particularly call it a classic, in fact I think it took me a few hours after the match to remember to breathe, but we are yet again at the point of the season where I point to the sign.

At this point of the season, I don’t care how we play. Three points is three points.

As a result of it not particularly it being a classic, I had trouble finding things to draw. I considered drawing Trossard but I've drawn him three weeks in a row (he's playing really well so this isn't anything I should be complaining about.)

And then I saw a photo of Antony before he was subbed on that really tickled me. Antony is just the most Manchester United of Manchester United players. I can't describe it but he looks like he was born to play for the club. Naturally, he annoys me. So I drew him before he was subbed on and right after the match ended.

Also, this marks the (hopefully) last time I draw this away kit. I know people came around to it and have started liking it. While my reaction to it isn't as strong as it was in July, my official stance is that it's hard to draw and I'll be happy to not draw it again.

Antony right before he got subbed on
Antony right after the game

React to this drawing
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - πŸ‘πŸ‘ - πŸ‘

The section in which I pull a couple of the messages from last week that made me giggle or smile:

Last week the Poorly Drawn Community Man of the Match was Declan Rice followed by More comfortable games against Bournemouth.


Couldnt watch the end of the Arsenal game
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