Manchester City Ahead

Plus pet photos at the end
Manchester City Ahead


This week’s newsletter is ever so slightly different. Usually, I recap the match that just happened and do some drawings based on that match, but there wasn’t a ton to draw from the match and frankly, I’m still a little annoyed at Lee Mason just forgetting to do his job.

Now to be fair, I forget to draw lines all the time, but when I do that usually someone is missing an arm, the consequences of which are significantly less than a Premier League ref forgetting to draw lines on an offside call.

So keeping in this weekend’s tradition of not doing a job properly, this newsletter will not be looking back but instead looking ahead at tomorrow’s match against Manchester City.

City sits three points behind us in second which makes this match a little bit possibly slightly an important one. So in honor of the match, below is a video about their 100+ charges for financial rule breaches.


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