I've been nominated for an award lol

I've been nominated for an award lol

I've been nominated for an award lol


I’ve been nominated for an award. I feel weird about awards. Not when my friends win awards, I think that’s really cool and thoroughly deserved, but for whatever reason, when I am nominated, I struggle with that.

I’ve always had difficulty with self-recognition or I guess attention. Partly why I used the alias of Poorly Drawn Arsenal for so long was for that reason. It was easier in my mind to go “Oh, well Poorly Drawn Arsenal is popular, but I’m not” and create separation between the two when in reality Poorly Drawn Arsenal and I are very much intertwined.

All that being said, I’ve been nominated for Best Artist in the Football Content Awards. Now look, the idea of someone named Poorly Drawn Arsenal winning an award for Best Artist is just so incredibly funny. So I’m going to push through my discomfort and politely say that if you are interested in voting for me you can do so here or down below on the bigger button link thing. Vote here

Arseblog/Tim Stillman, GayGooners, and the ArsenalVision Podcast are also nominated for awards so show some love to them as well.


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