It may have been Easter, but Ramsdale saved

Plus the usual pet photos
It may have been Easter, but Ramsdale saved


About halfway through yesterday’s match, I started liveblogging for myself because I was entirely too nervous to just sit there and watch the match like an alien or something. So below are my unfiltered thoughts as they happened with drawings and Olive’s reactions. If you like this format, I guess let me know and I’ll try it again. Subscribe now

8’ ARSENAL GOAL Arsenal starts strongly with Martinelli poking it home after a terrific assist from Virgil van Dijk. The center-back did an excellent job of looking up and finding an opposing player open with space ahead of him and the Arsenal forward did the rest.


Jesus scores from a cross on Easter which, look, I’m very much enjoying this season but this was a little too on the nose from the writers.

42’ LIVERPOOL GOALSalah pulls one back and that’s all there’s really to say about that

HALFTIMELiverpool 1 Arsenal 2. Took Olive outside to get her nerves about the match out.

49’ Konate murders Xhaka and Salah hits the side-netting and my heart falls through my body onto the couch.

52’ Penalty to Liverpool and that’s a bit harsh. I’m sweating a tremendous amount right now.

54’ SALAH MISSES. Olive can’t believe it.

57’ Ramsdale produces a very good save on Salah who seems to be the only player providing offense for Liverpool right now, but doing a very good job of it. On replay, I’m not even sure how Ramsdale saw that, there are two Arsenal players right in front of him. Wild.

65’ There has got to be a way to make it seem like time is moving faster. I swear this half is running at half-speed.

72’ Olive is licking the pillow. Normally, I’d stop her but I get it.

80’ Kiwior standing next to Trossard is the makings of the next great silent movie comedy duo. The difference in height is very funny.

81’ Ramsdale saves from Nunez on a 1v1. The ball was given away by Kiwior who I can only assume was just making sure that Ramsdale was still awake. Good news. He is still awake.

85’ Gabriel (the tall one) heads it right at the Liverpool keeper.

87’ LIVERPOOL GOALFirmino scores as he always does against us.

94’ Salah almost scores from close range.

95’ Salah shoots and Ramsdale produces an amazing save.

96’ Ramsdale saves off the line!

FULL TIME Liverpool 2 - Arsenal 2 That hurts to give up a goal so late, but at the same time, a point at Anfield is nice.

Finally, in a more logistical update, next week’s newsletter might be a day late or so. I will be traveling to New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps, but is also somehow The City of Dreams.

Anywho, a Velma update is below,


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