Is it happening?

Plus a new pet update
Is it happening?


First apologies this is a few days late, I have been under the weather a bit and wanted to do this newsletter justice instead of sending out a half-baked idea that I had and I just didn't have the energy to sit in front of a computer animating in my free time.

Secondly, all I have been able to think about since Sunday is whether it is happening or not. I’m not going to say what it actually is for fear of jinxing anything. But all I will say is I would make no adjustments to the Premier League table if the teams stayed in the same order at the end of the season that they are in now. Actually, sorry, that’s a lie. I would put Tottenham in 20th. Outside of that, no notes.

Lastly, this newsletter crossed over 3,000 subscribers which is pretty neat considering I set that to be a goal to reach by the beginning of June. Lots of people have been signing up for this weird little thing. Welcome!

For those wondering, what makes a poorly drawn newsletter grow quickly? The answer is Arsenal beating Tottenham.

Anywho, this week’s drawings and video are below. Also, there’s a new update in the Olive section.


Drawings from this week:

This Month’s Newsletter and Sponsor:

This week this ad not only supports this newsletter but also which is a really great Arsenal numbers newsletter if you don't already know about it.

This ad was created in part by the Poorly Drawn Arsenal Ad Agency. A community that comes up with fake commercials for products that don’t exist so Poorly Drawn is supported by the people and not gambling companies. Subscribe to join the fun! Subscribe now

Olive + Velma update:

Well, Olive has a friend now. Meet Velma below. They are getting along. In fact, Olive loves giving Velma kisses. Velma, sometimes likes that?

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