Invite your friends to read Poorly Drawn Arsenal and get a free hat

If your friends (or enemies) sign up you get a free hat
Invite your friends to read Poorly Drawn Arsenal and get a free hat

Hi 👋

Still on a summer break, but Substack released this new feature and I made a hat so here we are.

If you enjoy Poorly Drawn Arsenal Newsletter, it would mean the world to me if you invited friends to subscribe and read with us. If you refer friends, you will receive benefits that give you special access to Poorly Drawn Arsenal Newsletter.

How to participate

1. Share Poorly Drawn Arsenal Newsletter. When you use the referral link below, or the “Share” button on any post, you'll get credit for any new subscribers. Simply send the link in a text, email, or share it on social media with friends.

2. Earn benefits. When more friends use your referral link to subscribe (free or paid), you’ll receive special benefits.

  • Get a 1 month comp for 3 referrals
  • Get a 3 month comp for 10 referrals
  • Get Free hat! for 15 referrals

To learn more, check out Substack’s FAQ.

Thank you for helping get the word out about Poorly Drawn Arsenal Newsletter!

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