I’m back

I’m back

Hi all,

We are back home. Thank you for the messages to the letter I sent last week. I'm working my way through the emails that were sent and responding to each one. They were all incredibly thoughtful and caring. Family things looks to have settled down and went the way that we wanted them to go, so that's a positive update.

On the sportsball end of things, Arsenal didn't have the greatest of results this weekend. (I didn't get to watch the Europa League match this week since we were driving back home that day. I attempted to listen to the audio broadcast through the app, but kept losing service every few minutes.) But, I guess when a draw feels like a loss, you must be doing some things right.

Any who, just the drawing and the podcast about the one match this week. Regular poorly drawn things should be back to normal for this upcoming week.


Drawings from this week:

Podcast from this week:

Kitty Update:

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