I drew that photo of Arsene Wenger on the beach

I drew that photo of Arsene Wenger on the beach


This is a gut feeling with no statistical backing, but yesterday felt like a match that last season we would have conceded a late goal in. Where Arsenal had the majority of the chances, Watford didn’t offer a ton, but they still find a way to score a late goal. Again, just a gut feeling, but it feels like we are watching this young Arsenal team learn and that’s exciting. Can I say that? Can I use Arsenal and exciting in the same sentence? Is that allowed?

Anywho, this week’s drawings are below,


Drawings from this week:

Pet Updates:

Shop update:

If you want the Smith Rowe Saka drawing on a shirt or a poster, there are the links.

I put this stuff at the bottom because I don't want to throw this stuff in your face, but I get these questions a lot so I figured at the bottom of the email is polite. I'm overthinking this, okay have a good week and international break. See you on Monday.

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