I drew North London

Plus Arteta stopping Xhaka from fighting the entire Spurs stadium himself.
I drew North London


I try to keep to a rule of one drawing per match, but every once in a while, there’s a match where I just can’t pick only one thing to draw from. Yesterday was that match. There were just so many moments to choose from and I was just dangerously close to just deciding to animate the full 90 minutes. So, I took a step back and just picked two moments to celebrate the win.

Also, there is a drawing that did not make the cut from this week. It was drawn before I remembered that Chelsea’s entire transfer policy is equivalent to someone’s first time playing Football Manager. See who your rivals are bidding on and just throw a ton of money at the selling club.

Anywho, enjoy your Monday. This week’s drawings and Olive updates are below,


Drawings from this week:

Olive update:

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