Enjoy these pictures of my pets

Enjoy these pictures of my pets


I don’t have any new drawings from this week. I realized over the last few seasons that I need to build in some breaks through out the season or else I’ll burnout at some point during the season. So I’m starting to take international breaks off to take care of the old noggin.

That said, as I was laying in bed last night I had this overwhelming guilt wash over me, so I made a new animation that you can watch below. So, I don’t entirely have this taking a break thing down, but I’m getting there.

In lieu of new drawings are a lot of photos of pets. I’ve gotten these questions a few times, the doggo’s name is Luca and the cats name is Kitty. Yes, I own a cat who’s name is Kitty.


Drawings from this week:

Doggo updates:

Kitty update:

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