Eddie, they had families

I’m in London
Eddie, they had families

Hi all,

A bit of a short one today. I’m still in London and am in fact typing this up on the tube. I wouldn’t call it the most ideal place for creative writing, but it is a place where one can write. Subscribe now

I had the pleasure of being at the match this weekend. If Arsenal wants to sponsor me to be there the rest of the season, I can guarantee more results like the one on Saturday, I wouldn’t complain. I was sat in the clock end, so I had the perfect view of Eddie’s third goal and the whip that he had put on it. It very much felt like that kind of shot where you go “Eh, I’ve already scored twice, might as well try this.”

Another nice moment on Saturday was Tomiyasu grabbing his first goal for the club. After the match he revealed that the goal was dedicated to his mom who had passed away last season.

I’ll have more clear thoughts on this trip when I return. Either on here or in the animated podcast. It’s hard to wrap my brain around but one thought I want to work out of my brain is that I love Arsenal.

I know that seems very obvious because I spend my free time drawing little cartoons about Arsenal, but when I say I love Arsenal, I guess the deeper meaning is that I love the people around Arsenal. Your Andrew’s, Elliot’s, Clive’s, Dave’s, Mike’s, Lucy’s, Alex’s, etc. That’s what makes Arsenal to me. It was lovely seeing some friends after a long time this weekend and it was nice meeting new ones as welll.

I’ll have something a bit more polished next week,


Some pics:

I don’t have pictures of Olive and Velma because, well, they didn’t come with me. So here’s some pictures I took so far on the trip

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