Do I really have to write about that match?

A wee bit late on this one
Do I really have to write about that match?


I’m a wee bit late on this one. Been very busy lately, so haven’t gotten around to actually sitting down and doing this thing. Also, there was a part of me that was like “Do I really have to write about THAT match?!” So perhaps there was some procrastination going on there too. Props to all the Arsenal writers and creators who actually have to create serious stuff. Very happy to be happily sitting in the unserious Arsenal creator camp today. Subscribe now

The week started off decently, it was fun to hear the Champions League anthem again. Maybe I had a case of Stockholm syndrome but I was growing to like the Europa League anthem for a bit there. But as I sat down to watch the first Champions League match for Arsenal since 2017 and that anthem came on, any love I had for the Europa League anthem went out the window. Hope to see you again in 20 years.

Of course, it was Bukayo Saka who scored in our return to the Champions League. It had to be him. The player who in many ways is symbolic of our transition.

It was in all a very dominant display with goals coming from four different goalscorers.

It made me feel goodish about the things that were to come that week.

And then the news came out that Trossard was hurt. And then some other players were hurt. You get the idea.

I never feel good about the match against Spurs. I don’t like playing them. I don’t enjoy watching it and I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed watching it on Sunday as well. Well, I didn’t really get to watch it fully. I guess Olive was nervous about the match as well and decided that morning was the best time to eat half a pillowcase, so I watched it from inside the vet’s office waiting for her to throw up the pillowcase. Not the most ideal place to watch the North London Derby but also not the worst.

I don’t have a ton to say or analyze about that match, I think that’s above my pay grade as a man who draws cartoons online, but one thing that I think might help us, and I’m really going out on a limb here, but shooting ourselves in the foot might be a bad thing.

If we could just stop doing that, that would be ideal.

I guess I’m happy we didn’t lose. I think those matches are just ones that I just don’t want to lose. I don’t really care how we get there, just don’t lose.

Anyway, this week’s podcast, information about an award I’m up for, pet photos, and more are below.



This week on the Poorly Drawn Arsenal Animated Podcast

Watch the animated version below or on Spotify. Listen wherever else you get your podcasts.

I’ve been nominated for an award lol:

I’ve been nominated for an award. I feel weird about awards. Not when my friends win awards, I think that’s really cool and thoroughly deserved, but for whatever reason, when I am nominated, I struggle with that.

All that being said, I’ve been nominated for Best Artist in the Football Content Awards. Now look, the idea of someone named Poorly Drawn Arsenal winning an award for Best Artist is just so incredibly funny. So I’m going to push through my discomfort and politely say that if you are interested in voting for me you can do so here or down below on the bigger button link thing. Vote here

I’m going on tour:

Hi there! Just popping in to announce that I’m going on tour with two events!

The first will be in New York City at The Ground on October 7th. We will start with a screening of the movie "Invincible" followed by a panel discussion with Dave Seager, Mike Feinberg, Alexis Guerrreros, and me! After the panel discussion, there will be a book signing. Plus, there will be drinks. Lots of drinks. It should be a fun time. It’s a limited-size event so get your tickets for that now. Get NYC tickets!

The second event will take place in London. The last time I was in London I saw William Gallas score with, let’s call it his nether region, so it’s been a bit. This event will take place at The Armoury right after the Sheffield United match on the 28th of October. We will be signing books, etc. That event doesn’t have tickets, just show up!

Olive and Velma update:

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