Do do do do do SALIBA!

Do do do do do SALIBA!

What another fun weekend of sports. I could get used to this. Arsenal won again. This time Chelsea provided the cherry-topped dessert.

Oh, and most importantly, Arsenal is top of the league. Obviously, there are 35 matches left to play and I shouldn't expect to win every match by three goals, but I'm also a delusional sports fan so that's exactly what I'm dreaming about now.

Anywho, this week's drawings and podcasts are below, plus some new prints down at the bottom of the email,


Drawings from this week:

Podcast from this week:

Pet updates:

Shop update:

Lots of people have been asking for prints of the Saliba drawing above and I figured it's time for a Gabriel Jesus print as well. So here they are, there's a limited amount so grab them now if you want them.

Saliba Print

Gabriel Jesus Print

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