Ødegaard is pretty good

Plus some doggo pics at the end
Ødegaard is pretty good

This write-up section of this newsletter is going to be short this week because as I’m writing this I’m dealing with a teething puppy who insists that the handle of the door on the tv stand is the only thing that will cure her teething pain. She keeps looking at me, slowly opening her mouth and then ever so slowly wrapping her teeth around the handle. I politely remind her that furniture is not seasoned for eating, hand her a teething toy which she takes for about 30 seconds, and then the cycle repeats.

I didn’t intend for both drawings this week to be Ødegaard related, but he’s also playing so well, that it’s hard to draw anything but him. He’s scoring, he’s assisting, and he’s making defenders look as confused as Jack Grealish would look on Jeopardy. I have thought about his pass to Martinelli through Lewis Dunk’s legs multiple times this week. I’m sure Lewis Dunk has well.

Anywho, this week’s drawings are below and as are the doggo photos,


Drawings from this week:

Olive update:

Poorly Drawn Arsenal Ad Agency:

As some of you might know, I had a Patreon. I’ve now moved it to here on Substack for a number of reasons, but most importantly, to offer some financial flexibility. As a reminder, nothing is going behind a paywall. The Poorly Drawn Arsenal Ad Agency is a way to support me and have some fun. We create fake ads for products that don’t exist so that Poorly Drawn Arsenal is supported by people, instead of gambling companies. There’s also a private discord where we have match chats, etc.

It’s $5 a month or $50 for a year (two months free!) Also, the main reason I moved it over to Substack was to be able to offer this: if you are under financial strain and can’t afford this but want to be a part of the community, email me and I’ll give you a year-long trial. No questions asked.

Here’s the link if you wish to join: Subscribe now

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