Arsenal Chelsea Poorly Drawn

I like goals
Arsenal Chelsea Poorly Drawn

I was worried about this match. I thought that Chelsea had kind of righted the ship in many ways the last few weeks. They had figured out how to score goals and defend a bit better. Things were turning around for them.

I was wrong and I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

That was throughly enjoyable and frankly there is too much to pick from to draw so have two drawings from that match.

Havertz celebrates his first goal against Arsenal

Anne Hathaway must be happy that Trossard scored.

Context for the above drawing

React to the drawing!

let me know how this drawing makes you feel





The section in which I pull a couple of the messages from last week that made me giggle or smile:

Last week the Poorly Drawn Community Man of the Match was “balls in the net (goals),” closely followed by “Rice”




Scoring five goals against Chelsea


Enjoying a warm day

Except for her

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