Arsenal - Liverpool as it happened but poorly drawn

just a lot of drawings
Arsenal - Liverpool as it happened but poorly drawn

Hi there,

Usually, I do one or two drawings from a match and call it a day, but so many things happened yesterday that I present to you “Arsenal - Liverpool: As it Happened, But Poorly Drawn”

Saka had a chance to put Arsenal ahead (with a head) about 2 minutes before, but in the 14th minute, a shot from Havertz was parried right into the path of Bukayo Saka, who put it away for the first goal of the match.

Saka celebrates scoring

The rest of the first half seemed like smooth sailing until, with literally seconds left, Arsenal gifted Liverpool a goal after some confusion at the back. Look, I like traditions, it’s cool to look back and see them passed down from generation to generation. That said, this is a really annoying tradition that we seem to have picked up.

The best way I can describe it is as if Arsenal were on a game show.

Game show host: “This is a boiling pot of water”

Arsenal: “Yes”

Host: “And all you have to do to win the money is not touch the boiling pot”

Arsenal: “Got it”

Host: “Just don’t touch the pot”

Arsenal: “Makes sense”

Host: “I’m going to leave”

Arsenal: “Okay”

Host: “And all you have to do is just don’t touch the pot”

Arsenal: “Yup”

Arsenal touches the pot

Anyway, I didn’t actually feel like drawing anything from that goal

I didn’t feel like drawing the goal so here are my pets reacting to the goal

In the 67th minute, a long ball from Gabriel over the top caused confusion at the back between Virgil van Dijk and Alisson, which resulted in the ball landing right in front of Martinelli, who slotted it home for the lead.

Martinelli scores as Alisson wonders if anyone will notice the mistake he made

Things went from “omg, how am I expected to be able to breathe for the rest of this match” to “Okay, I can probably squeeze one breath in,” when in the 88th minute, Ibrahima Konaté picked up his second yellow card and was sent off.

Klopp reacts to the ref after Konate is sent off

Finally, a chance for a full sigh of relief when Trossard went on a long run and scored between the legs of Alisson to seal the win. This sent Arteta on a mad dash down the sideline high fiving those along his path.

Arteta celebrates the third goal

Finally, while I didn’t have the time to draw Odegaard taking the camera and taking some photos, I was able to draw what Odegaard took a photo of. See below.

the photo Odegaard took

React to the drawing!

let me know how this drawing makes you feel





All in all, 10 out of 10 would watch again.

Poorly Drawn Community Man of the Match:

Trying out a new section here because why not? If people like it, I’ll do it weekly.




Arteta's dress shoes for not falling apart during his sprint


Pet Updates:

since we got a photo of Cosmos and Olive, here’s Velma after the Liverpool match

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