Brighton - Arsenal Poorly Drawn

plus a video about Ben White
Brighton - Arsenal Poorly Drawn

Call me crazy, but the more we win the more I like it. This is another example of a win that I like. To be fair, I have yet to have experienced an Arsenal win that I don’t like. I think Arsenal should try winning out the rest of the season to test this theory.

Havertz celebrates his last-minute winner

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Bonus Video:

Here’s a video from the Arsecast Episode 766 about Ben White and his decision to not play for England. If this kinda thing tickles you, this is part of a full 10 minute video on the Arseblog Patreon.

YouTube video by Poorly Drawn Arsenal

Ben White Doesn't Want to Play for England | Arsecast 766

Best Reactions to Last Week’s Drawing:

The section in which I pull a couple of the messages from last week that made me giggle or smile:

Speaking of Last Week’s Drawing:

There were a lot of people that requested it on a t-shirt and mugs. This is a thing you can own now. I am slightly concerned with how many people have bought one so far. Are you all okay?

Poorly Drawn Community Man of the Match:

Last week (by a lot) the Poorly Drawn Community Man of the Match was “Emile Smith Rowe” followed by “first place even if it is only for 24 hours”




Little raccoon boy scoring against his old club


Pet Updates:

Working on their album cover

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