Arsenal-Bayern Munich Poorly Drawn

Plus the you decide if it was a penalty or not
Arsenal-Bayern Munich Poorly Drawn

Overall, I’m pleased to have played Bayern Munich in the Champions League and to have not lost 5-1. I’ll take that. There’s a poll below about if you think the last play of the match should have resulted in a penalty or not. I genuinely don’t know where I stand on it. First time seeing it I thought “Yes, that’s a pen” my 143rd time I thought “No, not a pen” and by my 216th watch I realized that I needed help.

While you voting on a silly internet poll is probably not the type of help that I need, it’s a start.

Also, as a quick aside, I had gotten some feedback on my subject lines containing spoilers. I’m trying to be better about that and giving them more generic broad context without giving anything away. Let me know if that’s better or not.

Saka is fouled maybe in the box

React to the drawing!

let me know how this drawing makes you feel





Penalty or not a penalty:

As a replacement for the usual man of the match question and because I genuinely don’t know the answer to this question myself, I give it up to this community to decide once and for all if it was a penalty or not



No penalty

Pet Updates:

Their friendship continues to be my life’s greatest accomplishment

solar eclipse doggo

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