Arsenal win the Community Shield

Plus, Olive and Velma have started cuddling together
Arsenal win the Community Shield


And welcome more or less to the start of a new season. Now before I get into it, I just want to warn everyone that immediately after the Community Shield ended, I went and saw Oppenheimer. So there might be some mixing of the two in my brain. Maybe in my recollection, Veiria scored the winning penalty, immediately pulled out a cigarette, put on a fedora, and said “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

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Anywho, onto the good stuff. Arsenal’s week started out with the much-deserved unveiling of Arsene Wenger’s statue outside of the Emirates. He was the guest of honor at the Emirates Cup and returned the following day to visit his statue.

"I was always animated by the energy of working for something that’s bigger than me. Overall, I feel that my contribution was to make this club what it deserves to be: one of the biggest clubs in the world. So, when I come now and I see the stadium, I see my work was worth it because I feel that this stadium made me suffer. I’m happy to stand in the shade of this stadium because I had some sleepless nights because of it!

"But overall, it’s great to see it and come back to see such a fantastic atmosphere now, with our fans and with the team doing well. For me, it’s a great satisfaction."

Arsene Wenger via Arsenal dot com

I will say that every time that man references to Arsenal as “we” or “our” I still get butterflies in my stomach. No different than when my crush let me borrow her pen in middle school.

One final thing before we get into the Community Shield, Aaron Ramsdale had a beautiful article in the Players’ Tribune. You should read it.

Anywho, the Community Shield. As Andrew and James were discussing on the Arsecast Extra recently, it’s a match that means nothing if you lose and everything if you win.

The match started out with Man City controlling the tempo and Arsenal getting used to the new officiating guidelines, which at one point resulted in Rodri fouling an Arsenal player and Arteta getting a yellow card.

Arsenal grew into the match, but it was Man City who scored first. It was a good finish, whatever. Arsenal equalized very late thanks to a Trossard worldie massive deflection. In the penalty kicks, Rodri, who had somehow gone the entire match without a card, missed a penalty kick which set up Vieira for his Oppenheimer moment.

A trophy to start the season and I think more importantly, showing ourselves that we can beat City. Put. it. in. my. veins.

Anywho, this week’s pet photos and etc are below,

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Community pet drawing:

At the end of each week, on the discord, I ask for pictures of your pets and I select one to draw.

I Illustrated a Book:

Speaking of Wenger, a reminder that I’ve illustrated a book! It is about the invincibles and was written by Dave Seager who was written five Arsenal books. There are 39 drawings in the book, plus if you pre-order now you get a free calendar which is a fun little treat.

Free hat:

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Olive and Velma update:

I am happy to report that Olive and Velma have started cuddling.

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