Arsenal and the World Cup

It’s a weird World Cup, huh?
Arsenal and the World Cup


And welcome to all the new people of which there are nearly 200 in the last week. Probably has something to do with a certain website being on fire right now. I can’t promise that you made a good decision by signing up for this email list, but I can promise that you did in fact make a decision.

Onto the World Cup. It’s a weird one, huh? I have a lot of mixed emotions about it. I enjoy watching Arsenal players, especially ones that have come through the academy, score goals, and thrive in the sporting environment that is the World Cup. But, this World Cup carries another environment with it with bribery and human rights issues that just make it hard for me personally to get fully into it.

After a lot of thinking about it, I decided I will cover just what Arsenal players do at the World Cup. I am an Arsenal “blog” or “dlog" if you will (drawing log) and I want to celebrate Saka’s sporting achievements. (Really, it all comes down to Saka. I would follow that man into the depths of Mordor.)

To counter this, or maybe to make me feel like I’m doing some good in the world, anything I make from the Poorly Drawn Arsenal shop will be donated to community fridges around the world. Community fridges help provide food to families that might not be able to afford groceries. Last year when we did this, we raised enough to keep a single community fridge stocked and running for over four straight months.

So yeah, those are my thoughts on this weird time. Below are this week’s drawings and Kitty update,


Drawings from this week:

Kitty update:

Kitty almost passed over the rainbow bridge last week. Fortunately, a last-second blood transfusion saved her and we recently found out that it is not cancer and that her condition can be treated with medication. She’s back home with a shaved belly and happy.

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