Arsenal 3 - Southampton 3 - Drawn as it happened

Plus St Totteringham's Day
Arsenal 3 - Southampton 3 - Drawn as it happened


A few weeks ago I did a “live” blog and people seemed to enjoy that. So below is another live blog of my unfiltered thoughts and drawings of Arsenal 2 - Southampton 2 as it happened.

KICKOFFI’m ready to feel again

1’ SOUTHAMPTON GOAL 0-1Okay, but not like that

10’ Maybe the thinking here was we can’t blow a two-goal lead if we never had it.

14’ SOUTHAMPTON GOAL 0-2Do I like sports?

16’ Maybe the thinking here is we get the other team to blow a two-goal lead.

20’ ARSENAL GOAL 1-2Martinelli is a beautiful man. Saka takes it to the end line, does his Starboy thing, and crosses it to Martinelli who fires it home.

21’ After some deep thinking, I've decided that I enjoy it more when we put the ball in their net than when they put it in ours.26’ Ramsdale with a double save.

35’ Here’s a palate cleanser

48’ Cleared off the line after an Arsenal corner. I don’t know what Southampton player cleared it, but they are my mortal enemy now Subscribe now


46’ I went to the store at halftime and bought microwaveable instant cake, just to give a picture of how things are going over here.

56’ Trossard comes on for Vieira. That is the correct substitution.

62’ Saka hits the post, but it would have been called back by the VAR overlords because Martinelli couldn’t keep the ball in play before he crossed it.

66’ SOUTHAMPTON GOAL 1-3I just do not like sports

72’ Eddie comes on for Zinchenko. I believe they call this throwing the kitchen sink at it.

73’ The general mood right now

78’ Olive just had an accident on the rug which is kinda fitting I guess of the mood right now.88’ ARSENAL GOAL! 2-3Odegaard scores from outside the box. Could it happen again?90’ ARSENAL GOAL! 3-3Saka scores! WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!95’ Nelson’s shot goes just wide.

FULL TIME 3-3What a weird mix of emotions I have right now.

Last week, I had mentioned that it came down to having to beat Manchester City. As pointed out by some readers, my math was a bit off on that, most likely from sleep derivation from prancing around NYC that weekend. This week, I’m pretty positive we have to beat Manchester City, or if not, hope for some help which isn’t my favorite position to be in.

Will it happen? I have absolutely no clue, but I’ll be sitting on the edge of my couch sweating probably more than the human body is allowed to sweat on Wednesday.

Finally, it was in fact St Totteringham's Day on Saturday. It was slightly anticlimactic due to the result, but Tottenham made sure we all celebrated on Sunday by giving up five goals to Newcastle in less than 22 minutes.

Any who, pet updates are below,


Pet Updates:

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