A win at Goodison?!

Insert its been 84 years meme here
A win at Goodison?!


I hope you enjoyed your international break if that’s a thing that one can enjoy. I spent the week trying to get my washer fixed to no avail. As far as Arsenal news went, it was a bit light. Subscribe now

Pepe officially left Arsenal in what I would assume is probably the last, or near the last, in mutual contract terminations. It never quite worked out for him and there’s probably a bit to be said about our selling ability. I’m not as worried about that in this particular case. Harry Maguire is still at Manchester United when they clearly don’t want him there anymore, so I don’t think this is a uniquely Arsenal issue. Still, I’m choosing to see it as a good sign that Arsenal is willing to spend the money to terminate contracts for the good of team spirit rather than have unwanted players roaming around. That makes it sound like there’s a zombie apocalypse of unwanted Arsenal players at London Colney which as far as I know, is not the case.

In other quick round-ups of news, CEO Vinai Venkatesham is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season. I’ll be interested to see who the replacement is there. Odegaard was rumored to have signed a new contract. And Rice has been nominated for The Best FIFA Men’s Player of 2023. That’s pretty much it for things that happened during the break.

Onto the happenings yesterday. Having not won at Goodison Park in many years, I had a lot of thoughts going into this match.

Most of them were surrounded around how hard it is to get a technician to come to my house to fix my washer, but some were still on the match. David Raya started in net and Veiria in midfield. I imagine that these are your typical rotation changes with Champions League matches ahead, but I’m just a dude who draws cartoons on the internet in his free time. Subscribe now

Overall, this match went about as I expected. Everton sat deep, we struggled to break them down, Everton didn’t offer any real threat, and we came away with a 1-0 win. This is the type of match where I don’t care how we win or how the ball goes into the net as long as the ball goes into their net and not ours. That’s all I can really ask for.

Looking ahead, there’s the return of the Champions League. I guess we will get the real answer as to if it was rotation that saw Raya start ahead of Ramsdale or if it was tactical. Plus, the North London Derby.

The podcast, details about my travel plans, and pictures of the pets are all below,



This week on the Poorly Drawn Arsenal Animated Podcast we discuss Raul Sanllehi's tub, Hunter's battle against the AI Quiz Bot continues, Saka being kicked by 10,000 people named Dennis, and much more!

Watch the animated version below or on Spotify. Listen wherever else you get your podcasts.

I’m going on tour:

Hi there! Just popping in to announce that I’m going on tour with two events!

The first will be in New York City at The Ground on October 7th. We will start with a screening of the movie "Invincible" followed by a panel discussion with Dave Seager, Mike Feinberg, Alexis Guerrreros, and me! After the panel discussion, there will be a book signing. Plus, there will be drinks. Lots of drinks. It should be a fun time. It’s a limited-size event so get your tickets for that now. Get NYC tickets!

The second event will take place in London. The last time I was in London I saw William Gallas score with, let’s call it his nether region, so it’s been a bit. This event will take place at The Armoury right after the Sheffield United match on the 28th of October. We will be signing books, etc. That event doesn’t have tickets, just show up!

Olive and Velma update:

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