A very funny weekend

Plus 7 years of Poorly Drawn Arsenal
A very funny weekend


What a fun weekend that was. Arsenal beat Aston Villa in the most satisfying and hilarious way. Jorginho, who I have always loved (please don’t look at any of my past tweets), sent a beautiful assist to a diving Emi Martinez in the box who headed it home with authority. That may be a slightly skewed perspective of what happened, but in a match that featured Aston Villa timewasting from the 6th minute, Saka getting kicked about just as much as the ball did, and Arteta getting so annoyed with the referee that he mocked him, it was very satisfying to win in the way that we did.

Top that off with results going our way and it made for a fun weekend. Also, while typing this I realized that we had a midweek match against Manchester City that I just completely blocked out of my mind. I’m just going to continue to do that.

Finally, this weekend marked 7 years of Poorly Drawn Arsenal. In the last year, I did 306 drawings, 37 videos, and was easily intimidated by Granit Xhaka. It’s been a very fun year, helped by Arsenal’s form recently. Thanks for joining me on this ride of ridiculousness and for enjoying the unhinged ideas that pop out of my mind.

Below is a collage of 50 of the 306 drawings from the last year, plus some drawings from the Villa match.


Drawings from this week:

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