A Poorly Drawn Season Review

Drawings and videos from this season
A Poorly Drawn Season Review

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The season started off with five straight wins, which given the end of the previous season I guess could be seen as somewhat surprising, but if you had watched the All or Nothing documentary over the summer, it was easy to see how Arteta’s team talks inspired the team into this position.

The addition of William Saliba solidified Arsenal’s sometimes historically questionable defense. The fans showed their appreciation to the kind-of-new-signing-kind-of-not-a-new-signing Saliba by gracing him with a new song. Subscribe now


After a slight blip against Manchester United, and unfortunately letting Antony score, Arsenal continued their hot streak against the likes of Spurs, Liverpool, and Chelsea


At this point, there was an international break for some kind of big tournament. I could only imagine how Arteta passed the time.

The second half of the season continued with Arsenal in fine form. Wins against West Ham…

And Spurs kept them top of the league.


We also got to witness Arteta’s blazing speed at the end this match.

This is around the time I kept thinking to myself, “Could it happen? No. But, what if it did happen?” and there was one particular moment where I thought to myself “Oh, it might actually be happening” This moment was brought to you by Emi Martinez’s forehead. In many ways, the king of timewasting or shithousing if you will, to see the most comical of goals go into the net off his forehead to give Arsenal the win was just so incredibly satisfying. Subscribe now

This paired with the winner by Nelson really had me believing that we were in the title race. Also, the celebrations at the end of the Bournemouth match are so wonderfully chaotic that it is an art in itself. I find myself watching the clips over and over again, not because I want to see Nelson’s goal, but because I want to see that chaos again.

As amazing as the end of the Bournemouth match was, the most important lesson that came out of it was the importance of childcare.

I should also mention here that Trossard was on fire around this period. Spending what we spent on him in January when we could have spent a considerable amount more for a certain Chelsea player, really puts in perspective how good of a signing he was.


This is unfortunately where things started going a little south. Ramsdale saved a goal at the very end for a good point at Anfield.


I think most times you leave Anfield with a point and you feel good, but when you put in perspective the next two matches and well, you feel kind of blah.


As it turned out, Erling Haaland is most certainly not human.

And we are left wondering what could have been


I’ve written this before, but ultimately when I look back on this season, I’ll remember the joy. I’ll remember the chaos at the end of the Bournemouth win. I’ll remember the Saliba song. I’ll remember Areta chasing after Granit Xhaka. I’ll remember Emi Martinez scoring a goal for Arsenal.

I’ll remember falling in love with Arsenal again.

With that, I’ll leave you there for the year. I’ll be hanging out with these two for the next month or so.

I’ll most like pick up the stylus again once the new signings start getting announced.

Have a good summer all,


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