A Poorly Drawn Breakdown of the Chaotic Ending of Arsenal - Bournemouth

Plus the usual pet photos
A Poorly Drawn Breakdown of the Chaotic Ending of Arsenal - Bournemouth


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After going down by two goals to Bournemouth, Arsenal climbed back to tie it but looked like they were not going to manage to pull off the win. Then, in the 97th minute, with the last kick of the game, Reiss Nelson volleyed the ball from outside the box to win it.

That’s when the most chaotic celebration to take place at the Emirates started.

Ben White immediately runs to Neto and celebrates in his face. Probably payback for all the time-wasting that Neto attempted to pull off during the match.

William Saliba runs to the corner flag and kicks it. Ramdsale sprints right to Nelson, probably breaking some land animal speed record in the process. Martin Odegaard falls to the ground on his back and screams into the air.

Zinchenko spends the next five minutes just doing one long continuous scream without taking a single breath, showcasing a set of lungs that a blue whale would be jealous of.

Meanwhile, in the studio, Ian Wright celebrates.

On the sideline, Mikel Arteta sprints to the corner flag that Saliba kicked and on his walk back to the dugout, high-fives someone, realizes he’s high-fived the hand of a small child, and then immediately looks for security.

It was chaotic. It was euphoric. It was Arsenal.

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