A pause on Poorly Drawn Arsenal

A pause on Poorly Drawn Arsenal


As most of you know, we lost our dog a month ago, followed by two days later a family emergency that required us to drop everything and drive 7 hours to help out. Unfortunately, Kitty crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning as well. She had gotten sick a week or two after Luca passed and the meds that were supposed to help her just weren’t working quickly enough.

I got Kitty after going through a really rough period of my life and Liz got Luca much the same. They became support animals and almost a reward for having gone through those moments. When Liz and I started dating, we fell in love with each other’s animals as quickly as we fell in love with each other.

Losing both of them within 6 weeks of each other is painful. I think we, as humans, try to come up with reasons for why things happen to make us feel better. Why did they both leave us so quickly? Why so young? Why together? Maybe they helped guide us through these rough periods of our lives and now that Liz and I have found each other and have grown in the ways that we need to, it’s just time for them to go. They’ve done their part and it’s time for the next phase of our lives.

I like to think that somewhere on some rainbow bridge, they are together, sitting on the couch they both loved to sleep on, cuddling, and happy knowing that they left us safe and with each other.

I’m going to take a break from Poorly Drawn Arsenal. I don’t know for how long, but I imagine I will be back by the time Arsenal kicks off against West Ham in late December. I just need some time to recover from this draining month. I imagine by the time I’m back we will have a new pet to share, I can’t imagine that Liz and I will last long in an empty home.

Enjoy your holidays if you celebrate any of the ones coming up,

Jacob (aka Poorly)

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