Happy New Year

plus how to get free swag
Happy New Year

Hello there and a happy 2024 to all of you,

I figured this was a good time to do some simple housecleaning. The trained eye might notice that the newsletter looks slightly different and that the website looks very different. This is because the newsletter is hosted on a new platform and is no longer on Substack.

What this means for most of you is, well, absolutely nothing. I’ve spent a lot of time to make sure the experience is about the same.

Given the size of this newsletter, there is now an upfront cost on my end to host it. This might mean that some sponsorships will appear in the newsletter (they won’t have any editorial say and I refuse to take any money from a gambling company.) There’s also a paid tier where you won’t see any ads, and if enough people sign up, we won't need ads at all. Fun!

Finally, and the thing I’m most excited about, I’m giving away Poorly Drawn Arsenal swag for free. We are talking phone wallpapers, stickers, hats, maybe even t-shirts or something bigger than that. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is share the link at the end of this email (or any email I send really) and have some friends sign up. That’s it. The first free item is when you get just one person to sign up. Some more details on this here.

Also, as a reminder there’s a Poorly Drawn Arsenal discord community with match chats and stuff.

Alrighty, I think that’s about it.

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